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Through the eyes of the horse – Understanding • Under Saddle is the DVD for those who want to build on the fundamentals of Carlos' acclaimed DVD Trust • Obedience • Respect and take their relationship with their horse – and their riding skills – to new heights.

As Carlos demonstrates the foundations of ridden work, he shows you how to develop the calmness, rhythm, contact and impulsion you need to establish straightness and balance. In an educational format that features nine 'unfinished' horses in training, including youngsters with only a couple of weeks’ work under saddle and older horses with entrenched behavioural issues, you will clearly see the steps Carlos takes to resolve real issues.

Carlos shows you how to master the basics of bareback riding, take a horse from hollow to rounded, develop straightness/balance/rhythm, give a young/green horse the right start, create confidence with imagination, help an explosive horse become responsive, relax a runaway horse, establish willingness and understand the finer cues required to begin more advanced lateral work.

Get inspired – and learn how to achieve the same success with your horse. (Two-disc set; running time approximately 170 minutes).

Price: AUD $59.95 (plus shipping).
Through the eyes of the horse DVD2

Throught the eyes of the horse DVD2 back
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Experience Carlos' absolutely gentle approach on DVD Through the eyes of the horse – Trust • Obedience • Respect

Word has spread quickly about the remarkable results Carlos Tabernaberri achieves with horses of all kinds. Now you can experience Carlos’ absolutely gentle approach to earning your horse’s trust, obedience and respect.

Based on his best-selling book, Through the Eyes of the Horse: Common Ground • Common Goals, Carlos’ new two-disc DVD Trust • Obedience • Respect, shows you his essential groundwork skills and how to successfully apply them with your own horse.

Become the consistent, confident and kind leader your horse deserves. (Two-disc set; running time approximately 180 minutes.)

Price: AUD $69.95 (plus shipping).
Through the eyes of the horse   Through the eyes of the horse
Get your own copy of Carlos' best-selling book Through the eyes of the horse: Common Ground – Common Goals.

Whether or not you've had the opportunity to work with Carlos, you'll find the concise explanations and analogies in the book, supported by comprehensive colour photographs, will help improve your:

  • Understanding of how horses learn and how to communicate with them
  • Awareness of how your actions and attitudes influence the results you achieve with your horse – and how you can change them
  • Horsemanship skills on the ground, and therefore in the saddle
  • Ability to develop feel, timing and balance.

Perhaps, most importantly, you'll learn to consider your horse's mind, body and spirit in all the work you do. All this and more, including lots of tips, explanations and insights into how you can better understand your horse.

This is the book you've been waiting for – the book that doesn't require you to memorise a series of steps or purchase lots of expensive tools. Carlos uses a philosophy he's borrowed from the horses themselves to help you achieve remarkable results, regardless of your riding discipline.

Price: AUD $39.95 (plus shipping).

Through the eyes of the horse Through the eyes of the horseThrough the eyes of the horse

Through the eyes of the horseThrough the eyes of the horse
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