Whispering Acres

Starting Spinifex (a brumby)

spin18 img_5193 img_5322 img_5393 img_5443 img_5447 kermit2
spin_3654 spin_3674 spin_3714 spin_3786 spin_3805 spin_3811 spin_3875
spin_3923 spin_4312 spin_4314 spin_4326 spin_4332 spin-8-1 spin-carlos2936
spin20 spin23 spin25 spinifex-carlos-day2_2688 starting-brumby-mare-spinnifex angie carlos & spin_8557 angie luke carlos & spin_8578
angie & spin_8920 spin trim_7951 spin trim_8788 spinc carlos &- spin_8969 carlos & spin_8607 carlos & spin_8626
carlos & spin_8905 carlos & spin_9355 carlos & spin_9359 spinifex follows Carlos in the scrub

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