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Fostering good communication and understanding between you and your horse, is the basis of everything Carlos does. To help you achieve this, we offer instruction through lessons or clinics (in the arena or out on the trail), during which Carlos works with both you and your horse to address any issues or goals you have.

How your horse sees you on the ground will determine how he sees you on his back, so it starts with simple – but powerful – groundwork that serves a purpose under saddle. It also helps ensure your horse is calm and able to learn. Just like people, horses learn best when they are calm – mentally, emotionally and physically. Calmness in your horse will help you achieve obedience and suppleness, and therefore better control of his mind and body.

That means we have to focus not only on what you need to do physically, but also on how to do it emotionally and mentally. Just as your horse needs to be emotionally calm and supple, you need to develop that same calmness and suppleness to be able to send the correct messages and requests both on the ground and under saddle.

Then the sky’s the limit in terms of what you and your horse can achieve together.

"If you can't get it right on the ground, it won't happen under saddle." Carlos

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