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Lisa and Harry

I have always been interested in different trainers' methods and learned something from all I have watched. However something was always missing for me...and I couldn't quite work out what it was until I decided to go along to a clinic a friend of mine was running in Officer (What did I have to lose? It's close to home and I have heard really good things about this man Carlos).

That day changed me and my way of handling and thinking about my horse instantly. I literally had tears a couple of times throughout the day, not only because of the results Carlos achieved with the horses (and there were lots of results achieved), but by the MANNER in which he achieved them. I have never witnessed such a gentle, kind, (while effective) person handle a horse. Carlos achieved the same results (well, better in my opinion because the horses were WILLING to work WITH him, not just out of fear or submission). I witnessed a lovely little mare who was rug shy, head shy, halter shy, people shy (you get the drift), go from being absolutely terrified, to actually softening her eyes, letting out a big sigh and realising that it was ok – not everything and everyone was out to hurt her. Through patience, kind and consistent leadership, this mare trusted Carlos to hop on her (brought tears to my eyes). That was just one of the many tear jerking, light bulb moments for me. After that day, I knew that the only person I wanted touching my (very nervous on the ground) new horse, was Carlos Tabernaberri.

The thing that really resonated with me, was that Carlos kept telling us he was there "on behalf of your horses". I have never heard any trainer, horse person etc really put the horse first, in the true sense. I looked around and could see that the horses felt safe in his hands, and the tense horses (and riders!!) that entered the arena in the morning, left that afternoon so relaxed and trusting. I'm sure if the horses could talk they would have all thanked their owners for introducing them to this man.

That was it, I was hooked and really inspired – not only about the way I am with my horses, but how I am in life, and that there are other ways to achieve results in kind, consistent ways (I'm sure my kids are loving the new less stressed mum).

So I organised a clinic for December 10 – AMAZING! Some of the words that could be heard around lunchtime (and the several emails I received after the clinic) were "inspiring, gentle, softness, relaxed, hilarious" (Carlos has a great sense of humour!).

My horse went from calling out and being quite nervous on the ground at the start of the clinic, to doing halt to canters in a halter!! And I was even privileged enough to have Carlos ride my boy before I got on him. Everyone achieved great results with their horses, as was obvious with the smiles on all the faces.

If you are thinking about doing a clinic and can't decide... DO IT! Carlos will change your life literally and your horses will thank you for it. My relationship is getting better every day with my horse, and it is all through kind, consistent leadership from me. I want to spread the word because so many times I am at riding club, or a competition and I see someone do something with their horse (like yank its bridle and send it flying backwards, or give it a kick in the ribs) and I think to myself "it doesn't need to be like that- there is a better way, you need to meet Carlos...".

Pakenham Upper

Lisa nd Harry
Whispering Acres
Lisa and Harry
Whispering Acres
Lisa and Harry

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