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Marty and Ruby

I never intended to buy a horse – but that was before Ruby came along.

Suffice to say Ruby was not yet four and had already been discarded by the racing industry.

She had mange, a fractured off-hind pedal bone, and didn't care much for human contact. Given everything Ruby had coped with, it wasn't surprising that handling her could be terrifying for someone like me with very little experience. Picking up Ruby's feet was a dangerous proposition – the vets refused to do it and the farrier didn't like to, although we needed to keep a bar shoe on her to help the fracture heal.

But there was just something about Ruby.

While we tried to heal the fracture, I read everything I could about 'natural' horsemanship – from Monty Roberts to Parelli to Lyons to Dorrance to Brannaman. You name it and I'd tried it. But when my attempts to replicate the "Fix up for Farrier" video using my specially padded carrot stick made to look like a long arm with a hand sent her into a panic, I decided I was in over my head and really needed someone who knew what they were doing. Someone who could help Ruby regain confidence in people – and in herself.

Within five minutes of Ruby's arrival, Carlos had picked up all four feet. We were quite literally off on the right foot – and how.

I dropped off a nervous, frightened horse that had kicked out two walls, would rear if you tried to comb her mane, was frightened of striking off on a right lead (because of the fracture), grabbed the bit, and shied at the slightest movement or noise. What I now have is a remarkably calm, light and responsive horse, willing to give you far more than what you ask of her and happy to work in the arena doing dressage exercises or go out on the trail under a comfy western saddle.

Carlos gave Ruby back her spirit, confidence and trust in humans.

And he is giving me the confidence and skills to be able to catch up to Ruby and become the sort of rider and handler that she deserves – calm, kind and confident. I may be a bit slower at learning everything I need to know, but Ruby is incredibly forgiving, and Carlos is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and ensuring that you know how to move forward and build on the foundation he establishes. I know Ruby and I will get there together.

Since that day in late July 2004 when Ruby and I arrived at Whispering Acres, I've had the privilege of watching Carlos work with a huge range of horses, many of which come to him as a 'last resort'. I've also spoken with many of the people who have brought horses to him and continue to learn through lessons and clinics. Regardless of whether Carlos is retraining a horse with serious issues, or giving a foal or young horse a good start, he adapts his philosophy and approach to the individual heÕs working with to produce amazing results – every time.

Oh, and by the way. Thanks to Carlos, Ruby's happily barefoot now.

Always happy to speak to anyone thinking of taking a horse to Whispering Acres. It's the best thing you can do for you and your horse.

Marty & Ruby (tel 0419 103 654)

Marty and Ruby

Hollie and Dixie

Hi Carlos thought it was about time I sent in my testimonial.

As as I unloaded Dixie from the float it became apparent everything her previous owners had "forgotten" to mention. At eight she was unbroken (although we'd been told she was green broke), couldn't be led, caught, tie up, shod or float load. She was also severely head shy and hated people.

Dixie would rather run through a fence than have you approach her. It was impossible, no matter how hard I tried, to bond with her and she was getting more dangerous by the day. I was finding it hard to like Dixie let alone love her, something had to change.

Carlos traveled to us and from the first lesson we took a step forward and never looked back. Without a word of a lie, when Carlos first took hold of Dixie's lead rope she let out a big sigh and visibly relaxed. To be told all you need is you, a rope and a halter to train your horse was very refreshing.

Through clinics and lessons, Carlos has taught me many things to do with horse training over the last year, but its his words be 'kind, consistent and keep things calm' that I always repeat over and over to myself. It has been hard work but I've had a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of like minded people through the clinics. I can honestly say, today Dixie is completely different, she is a sweet natured little mare that has no vices, except being a little hesitant getting on the float. She is quiet to ride and coming along wonderfully. The most important thing is we trust each other which is very special to me.

Thank you Carlos for everything you've done, many kind regards Holly and 'Dixie'

Holly and Dixie
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