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Having purchased Jinbei at somewhat of a weak moment when he was 6 months of age, we watched with fore-warned trepidation as he grew and grew and grew. At 2 1/2 years of age, the Part-Arab gelding was a boisterous young lad of about 16.2hh, who although was initially well-handled, had become a bit cocky and rather bossy around humans.

We decided that although he was still young, we would send him off to be put under saddle, thinking that if he retained his wilful streak he would be too strong for me to handle and we would sell him.

Carlos is amazing. I could not believe the change in my horse's demeanour after just one week with Carlos. He was respectful, well-behaved, being ridden and totally enamoured with Carlos. While we visited Jinbei, Carlos casually imparted wisdoms about dealing with Jinbei and, in fact, all horses to make the best of the human/equine relationship.

Jinbei stayed with Carlos for 5 weeks. Each time we visited I simply could not believe the improvements that had been made. My flighty, unpredictable youngster had become a settled, attentive learner. Carlos did more than simply teaching Jinbei to walk, trot, canter, back, etc. He provided Jinbei with the self-confidence to be able to stand still while plastic bags were waved around his head and body, to walk calmly onto a float as if he did it everyday, to simply stand while being tied up, to learn.

Carlos also taught me very much. His positive attitude makes learning easy. I understand why Jinbei has done so well and I felt that I, too, flourished under Carlos' influence.

Jinbei has been back home for 10 days now. He continues to learn and improve and test our relationship. I keep Carlos' teachings in mind "consistency is the key" (and also his phone number at hand to ask for advice!)

I cannot recommend Carlos highly enough to any person thinking of having a horse started.

Beck and Carly

To Carlos, a true horse gentleman

I have had my horse Carly for 1 1/2 years now, unfortunately her start to life was not a very positive one.

The cruel person who was responsible for starting her under saddle was definitely stuck in the old way of literally breaking horses into pieces.

I have never owned a young horse before, but have had many matured horses growing up that have always been a pleasure.

Now, I owned Carly who had all the problems in the world it seemed, from Rearing (nearly flipping over backwards) to being afraid of trot poles (she'd nearly kill herself trying to get over them), locking her teeth shut for bridling and throwing her head up in the air and putting up a protest and kick if her feet were handled.

It was heartbreaking to watch.

Thankfully I discovered Carlos and now she is on her way to being the horse she deserves to be.

The best thing Carlos offered was from the start to put her on a Nobit bridle, and now I am sure she is thankful just by watching the way she carries herself.

A happier softer head carriage and a relaxed mouth. There is no protest or head tossing when it comes to bridling either. 

We have discovered how talented Carly is becoming and will promised her she will never be treated badly again. 

Carlos has a great respect and understanding of horses beyond anyone in the horse industry I have ever come across. 

He treats every horse as an individual and as if they were his own, because to him they are all special no matter what. 

I continue to look forward working with Carlos on improving Carly and my quality of life together with her. 

I am like a kid again counting down the sleeps until my next lesson as if Christmas day is was every fortnight.

Anyone that has the pleasure of owning a horse or about to have one started, should give the horse the gift of experiencing Carlos' wonderful methods.

Forever Grateful
Beck and Carly

Beck and Carly
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