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Natasha and Nugget

I first met Carlos at 9 months old
I had terrible manners, ears back and too bold
My Mum needed guidance, along Carlos came
I thought I was cool, he put me to shame
In all of a minute my attitude softened
I thought I was tough, he knew I was bluffing
We met a few times through my terrible twos
And Mum stuck with me, our relationship grew
The most exciting happened when I turned three
Off to Whispering Acres in Whittlesea
It’s my time in life to start under saddle
Guess what – In 6 months I was rounding up cattle!!
He makes it so clear, his intentions are true
He believes in us all – See I’m living proof
We’ve been out in the bush and he stands on my back
While I’m perfectly still as I hear the whip crack
Most importantly though is that Mum feels so safe
I’m now only four – so confident and brave
I know that not all are as lucky as I
Some come with behavior that leaves much to desire
That’s come from a past now stuck in their minds
Of spurs, whips and bits and all things unkind
He carefully unravels and each story is told
Each horse is unique, worth much more than gold
Old baggage is lifted, the spirit returns
He can see in our eyes, it’s understanding we yearn
From Nugget & Twiggy, all horses around
It’s like Carlos says – it starts on the ground
You must listen to him  - earn all of our trust
Is riding your passion? Now that is a must
Takes practice and time and this you should know
To treat us with kindness, not get on and GO
From the abused and confused and broken apart
To the feisty and fiery and the young guns you start
Carlos it’s you with our hearts in your hands
For YOU are true unity of Horse & Man

Whispering Acres

  Copyright 2010 – Whispering Acres. Last updated July 2011