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Sarah and Codie

I just want to say a massive thank you for showing me a different way of working with horses.

I have a TB that was on his last chance - he was aggressive to the point that I couldn't even lead him in from the field without being bitten.

I had retired him to being a companion horse at just eight years old. I had tried many methods of working with Codie, but none were successful.

He was becoming more aggressive, rearing and striking and biting to get my face. I am not afraid to admit I was terrified of Codie, but I wasn't prepared to just pass him on to the next person to deal with.

I attended one of your clinics and liked what I saw - it made sense.

So, feeling extremely brave, I went home and thought I would try it on Codie, as one last chance. Codie came in from the field in the usual way, biting and 'grumpy', so I did what I had seen you do and backed him up. Codie backed up but wasn't happy – but he didn’t bite at me. I then led him about, waiting for the striking to start – but it didn't come.

When I stopped, Codie stopped. I was truly amazed. For the first time in two years, I managed to send Codie out on a circle without seeing his feet coming up and down in front of my face as he reared.

Codie is much more respectful to me in the field and I can now start our journey forward. I know I have loads of work to do yet with Codie, but I am so happy. I honestly don’t think I have stopped smiling and it’s all thanks to you, Carlos.Thank you so much.

Sarah and Codie

Sarah and Codie
Whispering Acres
Sarah and Codie
Whispering Acres
Sarah and Codie

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