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Belle and Jake

It has taken me some time to distill the essence of this testimonial for Carlos, not because its difficult to find great things to say about Carlos – hardly – but because for me what he achieved with our Arabian Pony Belle speaks right to the heart of what it means to have Carlos help us all understand ourselves and our horses better.

Belle is the smartest horse in our paddock.  She is 3 years old and has a somewhat challenging personality, exacerbated by earlier mishandling making her both an exasperating and humbling pony to deal with.  That said, I have always known there was a bold, dynamic but brilliant kids pony below all the 'static’ – as well hidden as it was!!

On a recent trip to Maleny I had asked Carlos to do a little groundwork with Belle and with his typical understated but direct approach he decided he might as well take her to the next level and ‘hop on’.  Despite having witnessed Carlos work many times I was still astounded at the ease with which he handled Belle and the ease with which she accepted it, indeed she looked altogether quite proud of herself.  Carlos revealed to us the pony I always knew she could be – calm, relaxed, capable and connected.

My 12 year old son Jake was with us.  Belle is really his pony but to date he had largely avoided her as she intimidates and tends to bully him.  Carlos told Jake he was up next.  While Jake was not at all confident about this Carlos asked that he trust him and with total conviction boosted Jake onto Belle’s back.  The smile on my son’s face says it all – it doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Thank-you Carlos for allowing us to see the pony within.  This is the one we will continue to foster and nurture and with your continued guidance we will help her become that bold, dynamic and brilliant kids pony she only occasionally allowed a glimpse of before. In the wrong hands she could have been lost to us forever.

Belle and Jake

Belle and Jack


I returned to having horses in my 40’s after more than 20 years of not really having them as a constant in my life.

My newly started Arab gelding called Dali came to me with many issues and insecurities.  I was way out of my depth with conventional means and I knew it.  This started me on a search.  I read all the books, bought all the DVD’s and attended clinics, some with the so called best in the business.  But something was missing.  They all seemed to lack authenticity and despite being called soft I couldn’t see it.  Their methods just did not resonate with me.  So I kept searching.

I attended a two day Carlos clinic as a fence sitter late in 2007.  In the first five minutes of watching Carlos handle a horse I knew that I had found what I was looking for....a true mentor.  I asked him a question and he replied that he never gave up on any horse.  That cemented it for me.  After repeatedly being told to give up on my horse, that he would only ever be a paddock companion, I should move him on, that he was dangerous and that I would never be able to ride him, my heart soared.

I have been privileged of late to organize clinics and private lessons on behalf of Carlos here in Tasmania.   I have observed him working with many different horses, trainers and riders.  Carlos comes from a place of softness, integrity, calmness, respect, forgiveness and strength.  He never allows the horse’s spirit or uniqueness to be compromised whilst allowing the rider/trainer to maintain their dignity.  He operates with enormous energy, without carrot sticks or bits or step by step programs and instead teaches you to stop listening to your head to develop feel, intuition and timing.  If you trust Carlos he will teach you to truly work with your horse from your heart and to connect with them on a healing and spiritual level.  The learning is accelerated beyond expectations and it lasts.  Carlos pars everything back to perfecting basics and then magical things start to happen.  I have seen him ride a green horse and begin to do very advanced dressage movements and he has taken novice riders and in one session taught them foot fall, collection and true softness. 

I believe Carlos to be one of the best in the world.  We are so fortunate that he is here in Australia. 

My relationship with all my horses has changed for the better and I have become a stiller, braver person for having worked with Carlos.

I am happy to share my experiences with anyone who wishes to contact me on bk.barnes@bigpond.com

Regards Kim Barnes, Karumba Dali and Dirty Harry the Anglo

Peter Phelps

Some 50 years ago, after seeing a Walt Disney film "Justin Morgan Had A Horse", I fell in love with Morgans. It took me 40 years to obtain my first Morgan horse, since then I have bred part breds and one beautiful young Stallion. Owning beautiful animals is not the full picture, being able to ride and train means everything to me. Till recently I have not been able to fulfill my dream of riding and working my own horses. Then I met Carlos, a man with a magic ability to understand horses, with the most gentle touch. Carlos with his wonderful philosophy has turned my life around and given me the confidence to realise my dream. Thankyou Carlos from my horses and I.

Peter Phelps
Western Australia.

Peter and CarlosCarlos
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