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Sarah & Bear

Dear Carlos

On the eve of bringing my beautiful boy home, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. The past 2 years have been filled with heartache as we have struggled to overcome Bears many soundness issues and the significant mental problems that have resulted from a lifetime of poorly diagnosed and ineffectively treated pain.

Once his physical problems were finally resolved, you took my fragile, frightened horse and, with your amazing patience, kindness and compassion, helped him to find his confidence in himself again. It has been a privilege to watch his amazing transformation over the past 2 1/2 weeks, an experience I will never forget. Thanks to you, he is once again the relaxed, confident, happy horse that I fell in love with. How can I ever thank you?

In addition to what you have done for Bear, you have been so empathetic and given me so much support in so many ways. You never gave up on him or me. You have helped me overcome my fear and insecurities about riding him again. You shared my deep sorrow when it looked like we were going to have to retire him (at 5 years old) and my boundless joy when you helped him overcome his many hurdles and take that first confident step into his new future.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am. You are a truly inspiring and amazing person.

Sincerely and eternally gratefully,

Sarah and Bear
Save the Brumbies Inc.

We recently held a Clinic featuring Carlos at our Bellingen NSW Brumby Sanctuary.

This was organised for the benefit of Brumby owners who had adopted their horses through our rehoming program. It takes an exceptional horseperson to understand the high intelligence and alertness of a horse, born and bred in the wild. Horses will never respond willingly to domination or force but none more so, than a Brumby horse.

His flight instincts are strong but also, his willingness to trust and look to his mob leader, that leader, he finds in Carlos. To see one Brumby mare, severely traumatised in the past, respond as she did to Carlos, to follow him at liberty with her nose to his shoulder after a brief introduction and friendly rub, was just one example of an unforgettable day.

All Participants and Observers at the Clinic gained so much and not just for their horses, but for themselves. Carlos’ philosophies embrace all that is finest in horse and human.

His teachings come from the spirit within and always his focus is on a complete and perfect union between horse and rider. We have held Clinics in the past with others of high repute. None have given such an insight and understanding of the horse as Carlos.

The softest hands ever to touch a horse.
We all look forward to his return in 2010.

Jan Carter
CEO, Save the Brumbies Inc.
November 2009

Save the Brumbies
Suzane and Paul

Dear Carlos,
My little mare from Mt Gambia and I thank you for the attention you gave each of us. Though we have worked with other talented trainers – you made the difference through the communication of your deeply felt and lived horsemanship. I need no convincing on the theory – it is the theory into practice where my anxiety blocks my ability to face the fears and hurdle the challenges!

Since the lesson with you – where I am sure I walked a good kilometere persisting in my attempts to lead my girl with the energy and conviction required to convince her to be led by me – the change in me is profound. The doubt in my ability to "do" has taken second place to a new calm...Your ability to work with the person as an individual is that of a skilled and sensitive teacher.

My little mare Bindi, started too young and with rider focused expectations set too high and then separated from her half sister and constant companion Jazz at the time of sale to me, has lived a nice horsey life for the past two years but with patchy training and leadership because of my anxieties. But she has consistently shown herself to be a curious and interactive little horse who is there for me without much issue when I can be there for her. It is me who needs to do the work to be the kind, calm, confident and consistent horsewoman (!) that she needs if we are to become the safe, responsive and happy riding team I hope for. My hope is that I will be able to show that I am just that – there for her – when next you come to work with Paul and I and our horsey girls. If I am not, I am confident you will further help me along the horsemanship path that I now feel more prepared to continue along.

Also, Gidget, our older mare who brought with her what might have been lifelong fear of being handled around the head or approached with ropes etc, is a changed girl. She is so much calmer and happier to the extent of accepting fondling around the ears in the paddock … she might even be ready to initiate the contact. Such a treat to see this change in her.

Thank you to you for your sincere attention, to Pauline for making it happen, and to your wife Julie and your children Jesse & Paris for being there for you while you are away.

Suzanne, Paul, and the three girls

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