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Brooke and Breezy

Although this is months overdue, the sentiments are still the same. How many times can I write – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU??? In the space of less than one year, Breezy and I have gone from "crappy appy" to "happy appy"! I had a horse who usually had a bad attitude, who was smart and willful, who totally had my number – I knew when I bought Breezy, he was more "advanced" than I was (he was my first horse, having returned to riding in my late 30s), but I didn’t anticipate the biting, charging, refusal to leave the barn or the refusal to just move! Like many others, I was told to kick him, use a crop, try spurs…"just get on and ride him, show him who's the boss". I desperately wanted a better way – somehow, this was not the riding off into the sunset that I had anticipated. I started "dabbling" in natural horsemanship with minimal success and we moved to a new barn, where the environment was more open minded and supportive. Then during a trip to Australia in 2005, a mutual friend took me to Whispering Acres where we were introduced – I had the subsequent opportunity to be a host during your 2006 trip to the USA.

At the first clinic, we nicknamed Breezy "crappy ears", since they were always at half-mast – and six months later at our second clinic, you remarked at the obvious change in him (check out the ears!). It was truly one of the best days of my life! I have learned to channel his attitude, test his smarts and he has become more willing than willful – the gains in mutual confidence and respect have made our time together fun once again! Your philosophy has struck such a chord within me – practical, applicable and wildly successful. Breezy now rides exclusively bitless, both in the ring and out on trail – my confidence in our abilities together have skyrocketed (you had us jumping, which is something I vowed I would never do again!).

When I had the chance to observe you working horses at Whispering Acres, I saw a talented and gifted horseman. When I had the chance to organize a clinic for you here in the US, I saw those talents and gifts in action – it has been my greatest pleasure for Breezy & I to work with you firsthand. I have also been witness to the changes in others – horse and human relationships forever altered for the positive, due to your influence and guidance. "Help ever, hurt never" shows how to be one with your horse thru kindness and understanding, not force – and is applicable to all aspects of living, not just horses!

Both the people and horses down under are so lucky to have such a gentle horseman, teacher and advocate – thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time away from your horses and family to bring your unique message and teachings to us here in New York. You are welcome and wanted always.

Best regards,
Brooke and Breezy
Rochester, New York USA

Brooke and Breezy

Melissa and Gideon

Before Gideon and I met Carlos our roads where on a very rocky path. I had brought this beautiful big warmblood (4 Year old), which I had for approximately 6 months. I had hoped that he would give me that WOW factor that I needed for Dressage, with potential for FEI.

After having him for a couple of weeks things started to go amiss; I felt as though I could not put my legs on him, we constantly had a battle to go forward, just to get on I was feeding him sugar and if nerves got the better of both of us things were a complete disaster. In fact my confidence was going down hill pretty fast and I started to dread riding Gideon. At one stage I even thought about sending him to someone to sort out or sell him on and let them deal with it.

Then Kay Dunn recommended that I give Carlos a try. I was a sceptic; but I thought what the hell I have nothing to lose. So together we worked on Gideon and 5 months later as they say "proof is in the pudding" I now have a horse I can put my legs on, I get on without feeding sugar and we are starting to be a team. But best of all I can start trusting.

Gideon and I would like to say thankyou to Carlos as he has given both us the confidence to have confidence in each other. We still have more work to do but now I see a future for both us.

If you are having trouble then don’t be afraid to think out side the square and give it a go……you might be amazed at the results. I know I was.

Melissa and Gideon (Melissa.stevenson1@bigpond.com)

Melissa and Gideon
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