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Helen and Kodi

Kodi is a very special horse and thanks must go to Carlos. Kodi spent his youth roaming free with a mob of approximately thirty unhandled Arabs. The opportunity arose for us to purchase his full sister. When we went to look at her, Kodi cautiously mingled through the mob to see what was going on, taking great care not to invade the space of his father. He caught my eye and much against my better judgment to take on a three year old unhandled Arab stallion, we negotiated for both he and his sister to be purchased. It took half a day to yard the mob on foot and several hours of gentle handling, my old mare to tease him on the float and the journey began. I spent hour upon hour quietly gaining Kodi’s confidence but soon realised that my approach worked well for Kodi and I but others had difficulty getting close to him. He’d lived his life relying on instinct and was determined to continue this way.

Good friends of mine, Carmen and Peter recently had their Irish Draught stallion started with Carlos and Carmen had attended one of Carlos’s clinics. They indicated how pleased they were with the results. I trusted their judgment and booked Kodi in with Carlos. I left a frightened horse who was totally out of his comfort zone and I had faith that Carlos would gain his confidence and lead him forward through the steps to begin his partnership with humans. Meanwhile I madly read Carlos’s book, practicing the techniques he uses on my older horses.

Carlos won Kodi’s confidence and guided him gently through one step at a time building a true human horse relationship. The kindness, skill, techniques and patience that Carlos uses shows through directly into the horse. Through the depth of perception he has for each individual horses personality he works with the horses to create a safe, sensible, responsive, kind horse that is a pleasure to work with every time.

Kodi proved this yesterday, in gale force winds we went out for our first ride along the road which was only his third ride since coming home. We had company for the first time and there were a myriad of new experiences happening all at once. Information overload for a young stallion…what a champion he coped with it all! Carlos has allowed us to begin a partnership that we will share for as long as possible.

Thanks Carlos for this opportunity.
Helen Lambert and Kodi

Helen and Kodi

Hayley and Nava

I bought Nava for $1 soon after she arrived at Whispering Acres, from an owner in despair who had found out the hard way that the 5yr old TB Mare she bought was far from the 'professionally trained' horse she thought she was...

It was immediately obvious to Carlos that this Mare had not only never had any training, but was mistreated in a way that had left her physically injured and sore, mentally vacant and complacent, emotionally bitter and resentful and spiritually in a place of no peace.

Understandably she had no trust in humankind and no confidence in herself. Her way of surviving was to become extremely defensive and pushy, to the point of being dangerous to herself and those who handled her.

But there was something special about Nava...

I am blessed to have friends who were able to give Nava the holistic treatment she needed to become healthy in herself before Carlos could start working with her.

I am also blessed to have witnessed the transformation Carlos allowed this horse to make. Over only four weeks training, and a few earlier sessions on the ground with Carlos, Nava went from a fighting bucking bronco to the incredibly calm, soft and willing mare she is now.

Carlos gave her the understanding she needed in order to trust again, with his truly kind and consistent approach.

Nobody else would trust this horse enough after seeing her dangerous behavior with a saddle, to sit on her back...but Carlos did...and for that I think she is grateful, for never did she buck whilst he was on her back, and this is not because of fear, but because of trust and understanding that he was helping her, not hurting her.

She is now at peace with herself!

I am lucky to see Carlos work with and start many horses and I can say that it is remarkable Nava had only 4 weeks of training to become the horse she is now, as this is less than the average 5 week starting period, for a horse with no physical, mental and emotional 'baggage' to begin with!

I am blessed to now be riding and working with Nava myself.

I am deeply grateful, and I know Nava is too, to learn from Carlos and his teachings that come straight from the horses themselves.

Of course I am constantly learning from Nava, but the greatest lesson she's shown me and all who know her is to NEVER GIVE UP ON A HORSE!!!

I'm always happy to talk to anyone who may relate to Nava's story, and I hope it may inspire you to also give your horse the chance they deserve!

In great gratitude,
Hayley & Nava (tel) 0401 319 088


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