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George and Boun

Everybody told me I was crazy to get an Arab as my first horse as I was a beginner & had just started having riding lessons. I bought Boun anyway not yet started under saddle & gelded at 4yo after servicing a couple of mares, but he was such a character & so easy going thanks to Ruth, his wonderful breeder (no one’s told him he’s been gelded though, just ask the mares). My wife, who already had a horse, had taken her to Carlos and we planned to have Boun started by Carlos because we knew he was the best person for the job.

We watched in amazement as Carlos put a saddle on Boun & mounted him for the first time & Boun didn’t even flinch. Thanks to Carlos we have a beautiful, responsive, easy going Arab with a very green rider on his back. He has always been a pleasure to own & is now a pleasure to ride as well.

We ride Boun bitless & barefoot & he enjoys it that way too. We have 2 more horses that will eventually go to Carlos for training, but in the meantime, we are using every bit of information & encouragement we’ve gotten from Carlos to build partnerships with all our horses based on mutual trust & respect.

George, Cathy & Boun

George and Boun

Sarah and Jack

Just over a year ago I brought my dream horse, a big palomino purebred Quarter Horse. But unfortunately he wasn't a dream to handle, and although he wasn't the least bit nasty, he was nervous of everything and when I rode him, he would not stand still at all for me to get on and he would go where he wanted to go and not where I asked him to go, he basically had no respect for me or what I wanted him to do. He would also go along with his head up and his back hollow, and would stick his head up when you put the bridle on as he didnÕt like his ears being touched.

I didn't want to ruin him by trying to fix any of his behavioral problems myself, and I had heard from word of mouth that Carlos was "gifted" with horses, so I rang up and booked him in. Although none of those problems were really considered major, as he wasn't nasty or aggressive, the horse that I have back now after taking him to Carlos is just amazing.

Jack is only 3 years old and I now ride him in just a halter and I have the softest and most responsive horse anyone could ever want. Jack is so much more confident in me and in himself, its like he trusts me completely now as when I ask him to do things that he hasn't done before, he does them without hesitation. Even our trip to the beach for the first time was a great day and Jack went in the water like he had done it a million times before, not like it was his first time. He now looks at traffic and trucks that he would once shy from without a care in the world.

I continue to have lessons and attend clinics that Carlos runs as he has helped me just as much as he has helped Jack. Carlos has taught me how to communicate with my horse so that he knows what I am asking of him, and that I also have to give to my horse before I can ask for something back from him. Carlos has inspired me to change my thinking, and I believe that I was blessed to come across such a gentle, kind and compassionate teacher such as Carlos. If everyone did their horse a favor and brought them to Carlos, there would be a lot of happy horses (and owners) in the world. I am thankful every day that I had the privilege of working with Carlos and I am sure that Jack thanks me for it! In fact I know he does just by his amazing behavior now.

If anyone would like to speak to me regarding taking their horse to Carlos, please feel free to contact me on 0431 125 525. You really would be doing yourself and your horse the world of good.

Thank you Carlos from the bottom of my (and Jack's) heart, you truly are the best thing that has happened to us!!

Sarah and Jack
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