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Jo and Honey

Hi Carlos

I would like to sincerely thank you for a wonderful day at your clinic.

If you remember, I said that this was my last chance, if Honey didn't learn how to slow down she had to go.

Well you proved that it can be done. We had a great day with all the ground work that I had previously tried, but didn't get the gist of, as I had never seen it in practice.

In the afternoon we got in the saddle and for the first time I was able to control Honey's speed. She responded very well to the point when I was so confident I didn't need a bit, I asked you if I could ride in a halter and rope. Your response was "You are my kind of girl!" I had no fear at this point because I knew I could do it.

Honey and I walked, trotted and cantered around the arena. The cheers from the crowd and others riders were so inspiring.

I couldn't have done it without you. You are the most gentle-natured horseman I have had the pleasure of meeting. We bonded very well. Everything you spoke about made so much sense.

Honey was so happy and relieved to be ridden without a bit. I would not have believed it myself if it wasn't for that lovely lady taking photographs of Honey before and after the bit. The evidence was in the photos.

Thank Julie for a lovely lunch and thank you again. I hope to see you again soon.

And yes Honey is still with me.
Joanne and Honey

Whispering Acres
Jo and Honey at the beginning of the clinic - fighting each other.

Whispering Acres
At the end of the day, relaxed and riding in a halter with understanding and communication.

Gary and Shiraz

As a passionate believer in natural horsemanship I want to give my young Arab horse Shiraz the best possible start in life, with no shoes, no bit, no rugs and a natural lifestyle. To find a horse listener like Carlos who believes in the same horse management principles as I, is a dream come true. To have Shiraz started bitless, the way I ultimately want to ride him in endurance rides, is such a great benefit.

I purchased Warrawee Vendee Shiraz in November 2005 from a stud near Lancefield. Shiraz is a long-term project who will ultimately become my first string endurance horse. I started some basic groundwork and basic saddle work before sending him to Carlos for starting and further education. Shiraz spent a month at Carlos's property in that time he transformed him into a light, responsive equine partner that I can trust and respect.

I have to thank Carlos for the sterling job he has done with Shiraz. I can't tell you how good it is to have a trainer of his calibre, who believes the same as I do, in the natural horse management. Carlos you have turned a good horse, into a great horse.

Thank you Carlos!
Regards Garry King

Gary and Shiraz
Tam and Spish

Very rarely are we graced as human beings with the opportunity to be in the company of a true master; somebody who follows up with his actions everything he professes with his word.

Carlos displays consistent, unfaltering gentleness and respect, combined with an extraordinary depth of understanding of the horse and his relationship to man.

If the observer opens their heart as well as their mind, they have the opportunity to see that Carlos' teachings go beyond his abilities with these magnificent animals. They open the door to the desire in every one of us to have a 'soft place to fall', and what it means to be that place for our equine (and other animal) companions, as well as our fellow humans.

Tam and Spish

Tam and Spish
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