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Natalie and Prince

It was brilliant morning and I was nervous and excited to finally work with my horse Prince at a Clinic with Carlos.

It is Prince's first week with Carlos and now I am in training too. I have had Prince for over 4 1/2 years and had never properly ridden him, I was too nervous and he was too flighty for me.

Prince was a birthday present and the first horse I have ever owned. He was used as a school horse and, needless to say, had been traditionally 'broken' in and worked with both a bit and a whip. Prince had become "brain dead" and tuned out while working in the school, frustrated and annoyed with riders pulling and whipping him.

That has all changed now. I'm going back to basics with Prince and we're both learninhg from each other.

I had no confidence in my ability with him, I was told that I was better under a horse than on one. That had crushed my confidence and my spirit. I believed it until I came to Carlos. I told him what had been said to me and he said "that is the best compliment anyone could give you", I was puzzled, but Carlos explained and said if you can't get it right on the ground you will not get it right in the saddle.

For me, riding Prince is a major achievement because it was an indication that Prince was learning to trust me and I to trust him. It was the most thrilling emotion I have had in a long time, I still can't believe I actually hopped on and rode him. I had always feared him.

We are both learning to communicate to each other. We still have a fair way to go but it is progress that will be built on trust, respect and good clear, consistent communication with each other.

I can't change Prince's past but I can make his future a bright and a loving environment built on trust and respect. For that Carlos thank you, you have a beautiful soul that communicates through horses to humans – a gift that is priceless!

Thank you for giving us the skills and tools to teach and heal each other from our past.

Forever grateful!
Nathalie and Prince


Monika and Miora

I had horses for the last 9 years and had this dream:
I wanted my young mares trained in a way that would create understanding and communication between us and not be based on fear or pain. For me this also meant that they would never have shoes on their feet or a bit in their mouth.

I finally came across Carlos's website and gave him a ring. "Will you start horses without a bit?" I asked him. I very much liked what I was hearing: "I prefer to start horses without a bit."

Well, this was the beginning of some wonderful experiences my horses and I had from then on.

There was one other problem I was facing: I couldn't ride. Coming from Germany it is a very expensive sport not a lot of people can afford.

Not only did Carlos train my horses but over the last year he has and still is teaching me how to ride in this understanding way I was looking for.

I am almost 50 and was petrified of falling off, or the horse running through a fence with me, or whatever fear my mind would come up with. Over the last year, step by step, Carlos has built up my confidence.

I would have never believed that now I am riding all my horses on a halter and feel absolutely safe. I still have a lot to learn but the riding lessons are an absolute pleasure and a lot of fun. I can enjoy the journey of learning to ride instead of just focusing on the outcome and forgetting to enjoy the moment.

I love to come to the clinics. They are such a good way of learning and having fun in a safe environment.

Carlos has fulfilled a dream I always thought would never happen: He has trained my horses with understanding and is helping me to get a relationship based on good communication between me and my horses.

Thank you sooo much. Not just from me, but from all of my horses you have either started or retrained, they just love coming to you.

Very gratefully
Monika and Larry, Oracle, Missy, Moira and Denis (all my beautiful horses)

Monika and Miora
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