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Carlos also trains and retrains horses that may have developed behavioural issues from confusion, misunderstanding, fear or simply poor handling.

The horses and people who seek Carlos' advice and training are involved in all equestrian disciplines, from dressage and eventing to endurance and
pleasure riding. They are people who want to find the best in their horses and themselves.

Because Carlos believes each horse is an individual and deserves his full attention, he only takes a limited number at any one time for training. This means that it is best to book your horse in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

When you choose to bring your horse to Whispering Acres, you're choosing to take an active part in the work Carlos does with your horse. Carlos provides you the opportunities to gain an understanding of what he is doing, so that you feel confident enough to maintain a consistent approach and build on the foundation established with your horse here.

"Horses don't plan and reason to make life miserable for us. They need to know where they belong in our herd." Carlos
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